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  • Board of Directors Meeting (presentation, business plans, budgeting, HR, governance)

  • 2020 Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics Games

  • Promotional videos

  • Annual conference brochures

  • Presentation slide decks

  • Monthly newsletters

  • Antitrust compliance, corporate governance materials

  • Summary of company incorporation

  • A Simple Guide for New Business

  • Technical presentations of a robotics

  • Surveys for research companies

  • Football World Cup planning and management documents

  • News articles

  • Limited Partners’ Annual Reports

  • Financial Reports

  • Fund quarterly updates

  • Silicon valley trend reports

  • Annual conference brochures and slides

  • Startup company introduction

  • Business status

  • Monthly newsletters

  • Apps technologies and solutions

  • European high end automobile company website

  • Measuring equipment company website

  • Non-profit organization website

  • American major retails websites

  • American premium motorcycle company website

  • American major cruise ship company website

  • Isreali Defense contractor website

  • Report on autonomous vehicles R&D progress

  • Safety handling manuals for hazard explosives

  • Quality and maintenance manuals, catalogs, brochures for Japanese, Europe, and US automotive companies

  • SAE Website, marketing materials, product catalog, user interface and functions descriptions

  • Abstracts for: EVTeC & APE Japan, FISITA, IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, and SAE World Congress (Topics include:electric, hybrid, fuel cell, and ICE powertrain technologies, autonomous vehicles, AI, machine learning, subject detection, sensors, LiDARs and geospatial, applications technologies, Autonomous Driving Simulation User Experience (UX), intelligent transportation systems, safety regulations and testing, simulation, robotics, )

  • Parts modification reports

  • Machine center and lathe machine manuals

  • Food pillow packaging machine user manuals

  • High-resolution audio user manual

  • DOJ Antitrust investigation document

  • U.S. Federal Register

  • Criminal & civil litigation/ court documents

  • Family registry, and certificates (divorce, birth, marriage, death, academic, and more.)

  • United States Labor Law compliance guidelines

  • User service agreements

  • Judicial document for superior court

  • International environmental standards, particulate matters, Transitional ZEV, gases, EMC, etc.

  • Various standards in countries such as US, Europe, UK, India, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand

  • Development Disorder Individual Educational Plan (IEP)

  • Educational programs ( textbooks, presentations, annual conference materials)

  • 2020 Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics Games

  • Banana Republic and Gap product lineup, educational publications, presentations

  • Kyusyu Tourism Guide

  • U.S. public transportation service

  • Marketing video for Miso manufacturers

  • American major cruise ship’s guides and services

  • Product lineup and marketing materials

  • Product advertisements for a cosmetics company

  • Review of “Principles: Life and Work” by Ray Dalio

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